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Integrated online and POS payments built for the business you run.

The world’s smartest brands rely on Planet

The Planet difference


Super-flexible payment solutions that work with almost every acquirer, on-line and in person. A better, easier experience for all your guests and customers.


A single payment platform across your entire operation boosts efficiency - and revenue.


In person and online, Planet’s payment platform meets the highest security standards.


Our platform integrates effortlessly with pre-existing or new systems - and with new acquirers.

Our payment solutions

    50+ payment methods
    Planet accepts a wide range of payment methods, including the most innovative APMs. Split payments and recurring billing work perfectly with Planet too.

    Card schemes
    American Express, Diners Club, VISA, MasterCard and many more.

    Digital wallets and APMs
    However your customers want to pay, wherever in the world they are, our technology makes it easy. Alipay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Giro Pay, Klarna, PayPal, Samsung Pay, WeChat Pay. All good.

    See all Planet's payment methods

    Reliable uptime
    Highly reliable gateway ensuring you never miss a sale.

    Payment methods
    Accept over 50+ payment methods worldwide through a single interface, meaning your customers can pay using their preferred payment method.

    Foreign transaction fees and currency conversion fees all go to the bank. DCC and MCP from Planet cuts out the bank and puts the money from these fees back into your bank account. All this at no additional cost to you.

    Accept online payments

    Ground-up security
    Safeguard your platform with the comprehensive security built into every element of our software and technology.

    Reduce fraud
    Minimise your fraud exposure by using our API solutions to tailor your risk profile to your strategy.

    A specialised security network
    Our network of certified fraud prevention specialists will tailor security solutions to meet your business needs.

    Enjoy secure & dependable processing

    Mobile SDK
    Add native payment elements to your iOS and Android mobile applications.

    Wallets and payment buttons
    Planet software integrates with wallets and payment buttons from Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal. So you can make the checkout process smoother and faster for your customers.

    Subscription, one-click and DCC
    Whether you operate a subscription model, or you need to offer split payments or dynamic currency conversion, our software keeps things simple for you  - and effortless for your customers.

    Fully optimise your eCom potential

    Get paid faster

    Increase efficiency
    Automate your payment processes without additional development work, reducing errors and saving time and money.

    Improve experience
    Offer customers a fast, convenient and secure way to make payments with a wide range of payment methods.

    Increase security
    Secure payment processing with encryption and tokenisation, helping protect customers' data and comply with regulations.

    Offer secure, flexible e-payments

    The perfect experience on any device
    Planet’s user-friendly payment pages can be quickly integrated into your  website to offer the ideal shopping experience on any device. We put special emphasis on easy and smart operation with mobile devices.

    Build out from your existing technology
    Our partner network means we are certain to offer a payment solution that fits perfectly with your existing tech stack.

    Integration developers love
    Your developers will integrate our solutions into your existing systems quickly and easily. No time wasted dealing with nasty bugs - just a  working solution from the moment you launch.

    Reduce checkout & acceptance admin

    Global payments simplified
    Get a single, competitive contract with localised acquiring, multiple payment methods and flexible, transparent pricing to simplify global payments.

    Multiple payment methods
    With a diverse range of payment methods, customers can choose how they want to pay, including international payment schemes such as Visa, Mastercard, Diners, JCB, UnionPay, Alipay and WeChat Pay.

    Single customer view
    Get a single view of all transactions and funding to ease reconciliation and manage finances more efficiently.

    Simplify global payments

    Accept payments in every way, shape and form, from online, in-store, via a payment link, or even for your subscription services and gift cards.

    Securely integrated
    Minimize errors, save time and improve conversions by integrating payments into your existing systems.

    Highly secure
    Feel secure in the knowledge that all Planet solutions are constantly updated to the latest security and compliance standards.

    End disconnected systems

    Additional revenue stream
    Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) provides merchants with an additional income stream from foreign currency fees, without any extra process.

    Best rate guarantee
    Customers are guaranteed the best rate, without any additional fees or hidden costs.

    Simplified purchasing
    Customers can see the total in a currency they are familiar with, making purchasing decisions easier and business expenses submission simpler.

    Earn additional revenue with DCC


    All Planet's card acquirers and payment methods



      UK and Ireland

      Allied Irish Bank (AIB), American Express, Barclays, Elavon, Euronet, Global Payments, Lloyds Bank Cardnet, Planet MS, Worldline/SIX, Worldpay


      Poland, Hungary, Czech Rep and Slovakia

      American Express, Bambora, Payone, Planet MS, Elavon, Worldline/SIX


      Scandinavia and Baltics

      Amercian Express, Bambora, Elavon, Euronet, Handelsbanken, Nets, Planet MS, Swedbank, Worldline/SIX



      American Express, Concardis, Elavon, EMS, PaySquare, Planet MS, Worldline/SIX


      Germany, Austria & Switzerland

      American Express, Bambora, Payone, Card Complete, Concardis, Elavon, Planet MS, Worldline /SIX, PaySquare



      Amercian Express, Bankia, Bankinter, BBVABanco Sabadell, Comercia Global Payments, Elavon, Planet MS, Santander, Worldline/SIX



      American Express, Elavon, Euronet, Nexi, Nexi mercury payment services, Planet MS, Worldline/SIX, UniCredit



      American Express, Elavon, Millennium bank, Unicre, Planet MS, Worldline/SIX


      Southern Europe (CY, GR, MT)

      Alphabank, American Express, Elavon, JCC, Planet MS, National Bank of Greece/Euronet, Worldline/SIX





      ABC HQ, Bocom, Global Payments


      Hong Kong

      ABC HQ, Bocom, Fiserv, Global Payments, HASE PYC, SCB, TCMS, Wirecard



      Global Payments, Land Bank of Taiwan, Taishin International Bank



      Global Payments, HDFC





      Sri Lanka

      Global Payments


      Macao, Malaysia, Maldives, Philippines and Singapore

      Global Payments, DBS, OCBC, BNU, Everi, HASE, ICBC, Citibank PH, CIMB





      Middle East/Africa


      UAE and Qatar

      Abu Dhabi Commecial Bank, Blom Bank, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Mashreq Bank, Network International, Qatar National Bank, Ajman Bank


      Kenya, Lebanon and South Africa

      KCB, ABSA Bank


      North America


      USA, Canada and Bahamas

      American Express, Chase Paymentech, Elavon, Fiserv, First Data, Global Payments, Heartland, Moneris, TSYS, Everi, Moneris Solutions, NRT, Planet MS, PSP Card Services, Fifth Third, Heartland, TSYS PYC, WorldPay US, Inc.


      South America


      Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama



      Uruguay and Dominican Republic




      Cielo, Rede


      Mexico, Colombia and Peru

      Banco Multiva, Afirme, Banorte, Bancomer, Banregio, Credibanco, Redeban, Niubiz, TriiNET, Scotiabank

      Bank Transfer:

      BACS UK










      SEPA Direct Debit

      SEPA Transfer

      Sofort & Pay Now

      Sofort AT

      Sofort IT






      Alipay Online

      Alipay In Store

      Apple Pay In Store

      Apple Pay Online

      Apple Pay In-App

      Google Pay In Store

      Google Pay Online

      Google Pay In-App


      PayPal Express

      Samsung Pay In Store

      Samsung Pay Online

      Samsung Pay In-App


      Visa Checkout

      WeChat Pay

      WeChat Mini Program


      Local Card Schemes:


      Carte Bancaires






      Money Transfer:



      Pay Later:





      International Schemes:

      American Express

      Amex Purchasing



      JCB (CP Only)


      Mastercard Credit

      Mastercard Debit

      Mastercard Purchasing

      Visa Debit

      Visa Credit

      Visa Electron

      Visa Corporate Purchase

      Wherever your customers shop, Planet makes a difference.


        Let customers pay however they want to

        We integrate Pan-European Payments into our market-leading Point of Sale solutions.

        Select the payment solution you need - the full suite or pick and choose our products. 

        Our wide range of hardware arrives pre-configured, project managed to your stores with your in-house IT teams.

        In-person payments

        Our developer toolkit makes it easy to integrate our ecommerce solution.

        You can opt for our full suite or pick and choose from our products.

        Planet’s single interface means you can keep track of analysis, administration and reporting. 

        You can also view day-end performance statistics and customer behaviours in real time.

        Online payments

        Connect your online and offline payments in one system

        Let's be honest: no-one likes paying for things.

        And you don’t hear consumers talk about their "payments experience". Well, not unless it fails.

        Meet all your payment processing, currency conversion and tax refund needs. Enable your customers to pay with most major international cards - along with high value contactless and popular digital wallets including Alipay and WeChat.

        Omnichannel payments

        Receive cashless payments across parking and self-service industries

        Our all-in-one unattended payment solution using the next-generation Valina terminal.

         Integrated to our payment gateway, this P2PE (Point-to-point Encryption) solution supports the full range of payment options, Contactless, Chip Card reader, and Magstripe, with Pin-on-glass technology all through one single device.

        With its sleek, modern design, the Valina offers a space-saving unattended solution that’s easy for businesses to install - and easy for customers to use.

        Single payments

        Build loyalty and boost revenue

        Today, guests and customers expect faultless, connected experiences. Provide them, and you build valuable loyalty. Fail and you lose revenue. 

        In hotels and restaurants, in physical and online stores Planet’s payment platform delivers seamless, safe and lightning-fast payment experiences to customers.

        Our payment platform includes:

        • Secure payments on all channels and devices
        • Revenue-generating value added services
        • Full acquiring service for standard and alternative payments
        • Single customer view offers richer data and deeper insights
        • Online portal for reporting, reconciliations and settlement management
        • Integration with the leading retail system

        Why choose Planet?

        Your payment platform is fundamental to your business.

        What should you look for when you choose one?

        Get in touch

        Clear costs

        Our charge structure lets you plan with confidence. We don’t charge a set-up fee, just a one-off fee for each of our products. And because it’s easy to integrate our revenue generating products, higher transaction volumes don’t add costs. They make you money.

        Quick & easy

        Our payment platform integrates quickly and easily into any tech ecosystem. That means no pain or disruption for you, your people, or your customers.

        Global & local

        Our systems work with almost every card and payment method around the world. Amex, Mastercard, Visa, WeChat. AliPay. We have local support teams in 54 global locations.

        Compliant and secure

        Planet software and technology mean security and peace of mind for you and your customers. We offer point-to-point encryption and meet the highest PCI security standards.

        Recurring payments

        When billing is complex - if you are a subscription-based business for instance - our payments platform handles all of the moving parts. So your business model works for you - and for your customers.

        Hosting flexibility

        With Planet you can choose whether you host your payment gateway, or we do. If we host your gateway, our Cloud-based system means your gateway can develop as quickly as your business needs.

        Mobile payment

        Our payment platform is omni-channel and omni-device. Whether your customers want to spend on-the-go, from home, or in your store, restaurant or hotel, we’ve got it covered.

        Trusted all over the world


        Planet is trusted by more than 100,000 businesses around the world.
        The biggest, and best-respected brands in retail and hospitality depend on us to deliver business-critical services.

        • Global presence
        • Deep industry experience
        • Reliable


        We are certified as a Level Service Provider by an independent Quality Service Auditor - the most stringent certification possible. We update our systems continuously, keeping pace with local compliance.

        • Locally compliant
        • Compliance audited
        • Constantly updated


        Our pci proxy solutions allow you to build and control your own payment flows, whilst off-loading compliance, maximising security and preventing provider lock-ins.

        • Leading edge
        • World-class security
        • Provider neutral

        What our Customers say...

        Villa Eden

        "The existing interface, superior connectivity and overall solution, bundled with their Pay by Link tool, made it stand out from the other solutions on the market."

        Olivier Gerber

        General Manager, Villa Eden

        Sea Containers

        "Having these services fully integrated to the systems that run the business matches the experience we want to deliver to guests, allowing us to handle higher volumes while reducing friction."

        Paul Rasche

        Director of IT, Sea Containers


        “Planet has elevated the customer experience and simplify the complex, for both ourselves and our customers.”

        Mattias Jacobsson

        Store Director, Åhléns City


        “Our staff enjoy ultimate convenience, and we provide a seamless shopper experience using their fully integrated solution.”

        David Thomas

        Management Assistant, Hirmer

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